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Whether you are buying or selling real estate, our Family of Services companies provide seamless and convenient access to a comprehensive range of real estate-related products and services. With a full menu of mortgage, title and warranty offerings, we are committed to giving you the peace of mind you deserve, for the House you call Home.

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Prosperity Home Mortgage, LLC is a full service mortgage banker specializing in residential and refinance loans.

With a wide range of mortgage products including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, jumbo loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, and renovation financing, Prosperity Home Mortgage has a team of talented, committed professionals who work together to deliver the promise of extraordinary service.




Associated Title Agency

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Working together towards a common goal.
Closings completed on-time and hassle free.

The process of purchasing a home can be, at various times, exhilarating or exasperating. Choosing to work with Associated Title Agency can ease some of those potential concerns. Associated Title is an attorney-friendly, title agency with searchers in all 21 New Jersey counties, and a staff committed to providing the real estate community the most reliable, efficient and professional service possible.




Protection, Savings, Convenience and Peace of Mind from the Unexpected.

Another member of our family of services companies, HMS is committed to making home management easy by working with real estate professionals, home buyers, and sellers to provide affordable coverage for mechanical failures of major home systems and appliances. As a homeowner, you will eventually be faced with the need to repair or replace expensive appliances and home systems such as the A/C, heating unit, washer, dryer or possibly your refrigerator. And when that time comes, a home warranty can save you thousands of dollars.

  • While homeowners insurance covers loss from theft and disasters, it doesn’t cover costly equipment failure
  • A home warranty covers the repair or replacement of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of home systems and appliances
  • Simply compare the average cost to repair or replace a system or appliance and it’s easy to see how you come out ahead